Computerized Billing System in Nepal

Nepal’s government has enforced the guideline on the Computerized billing system with the aim of eventually implementing it at all points of sale.

This bill is passed by the government, now every organization needs to adopt a computerized billing system either on a small or big scale.

Each time sale is made through the billing system, it issued a sales receipt which is recorded in real-time by the taxman.

This E-billing system is directly connected to the point sale of IRDs computer. So your every task is under the supervision of IRD.

After implementing this law, there are low chances of tax evasion and under-invoicing as well as reducing the billing hours.

This new law supersedes the 2015 billing system. This new law can help replace the organization’s manual billing system.

Even after the revolution of technology, many Nepalese companies are using manual billing systems and turning a blind eye to how much time and money they need to waste on manual systems.

So, switching from manual to computer world might turn into a huge advantage for the respective company.

Pioneer’s Easy billing system is a great choice for your company because our billing system clearly works under the provision of the newly passed billing system by IRD.

The unified billing system of pioneer equips the companies of Nepal for accurately managing their revenues with transactions, subscriptions, usage billing, and any hybrid model of these transactions and operating revenue.

Computerized Billing System in Nepal

This is the Process you need to go through to Register your Billing System.

  1. Copy of the Tax Clearance Certificate
  2. Copy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  3. Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  4. User Manual for the software signed by company representative and stamped on each page
  5. Guarantee letter that Data Amendment or Edit (Manipulation) is not possible on the software
  6. Data Backup and Recovery System is available on the software
  7. System Architecture Detail
  8. Software set up file and Invoice Sample in Excel – 20 copies each in 20 pen drive
  9. Connection with Central Billing Management Software (CBMS) – API can be collected Service Branch of the Inland Revenue Department

Note: After all the above documents are ready, one can submit the online form following the procedures below:

  1. Log on to
  2. Go to Taxpayer Portal
  3. Go to Electronic Billing
  4. Electronic Billing User Permission
  5. Register: Enter the Username, Password, and other required information and click on the Registration / Proceed
  6. Click on Submit
  7. Click Print

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